Are you experiencing difficult feelings?

Are you experiencing painful thoughts?

Are you experiencing problems in everyday life?

Counselling gives you an opportunity to look at any emotional or behavioural issues which may be troubling you in a safe therapeutic environment.

People come to counselling for a wide range of issues - above all, it is a chance to give yourself time to be heard, to voice your concerns, to reflect and to find a way forward.

Research has shown that "successful counselling" is primarily a result of the relationship of trust and understanding that is built up between the Counsellor and the Client. In my work, I aim to help build this relationship which is at the heart of counselling.

About Time is just that. You have the time to explore your thoughts, feelings and behaviours. You will choose the goals.

Counselling can be painful and challenging, but I will support you in an open and non-judgemental way. Counselling can be short term (up to 6 or 8 weeks) or longer term, which leads to more in-depth work.